Review: in Search of a Revolution by Christoph Fischer

In Search of a Revolution, by Christoph Fischer, is not only an important historical drama about the Finnish involvement in WW2, but is also a story about the search for justice, and the pitfalls of blindly following an ideology. Zacharius, a young man from a wealthy family, and his friend Ansgar, the son of a pig farmer, are both idealists looking to make their world a better place but with a different way of seeing things. One is a communist, the other a fascist, but they remain friends regardless of their opposite views. Raisa, a young nurse who befriends both of them, sees first hand the pain and suffering experienced by the innocent victims of those who impose their visions on others, and never hesitates to come to the aid of the wounded.
This book presents a stark view of the horrors of war experienced by a part of the world that is rarely mentioned in out history books, and because of this—an important read.

About Murielle Cyr

Writer, organic gardener, soapmaker, listener.
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