Oh No! A Name change!

I read somewhere, in one of the many posts I come into contact with every day, that it’s preferable to use your full name in the title of your blog. That’s if you have a writing blog—which is what I’m attempting to do (although sometimes I’ll blog about my loyal plants or my adorable blond Labrador). Other types of blogs live by different rules.

Apparently, it’s all about branding. If your ultimate goal is to bring attention to your books—which would certainly be nice—then your writing, or your pen name, needs to be seen.

So I decided to follow that advice, but I didn’t want to start a new blog and lose contact with all my faithful followers who have put up with me all this time. I simply changed the identity of the blog, and muriellerites became Murielle Cyr blogs. Simple enough, but why do I feel as if I’ve just gone through a divorce. Of course this doesn’t involve lawyers, court appearances, legal bills, and a trip to the pawn shop with your wedding rings, but I am still left with that nostalgic feeling of having let go of a part of me—like stamping it Nolonger Exists in bright red ink. It brings back that empty feeling of having your divorce finalized, of pressing the delete button that erases all past aspirations and emotions that come with a broken partnership.

Have you ever had to go through a change of name along the way, and how did you feel?  


About Murielle Cyr

Writer, organic gardener, soapmaker, listener.
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13 Responses to Oh No! A Name change!

  1. I have changed my name in the past but found the experience liberating as it was now closer to who I was and how I saw myself. I liked the old name., so I can imagine the feeling of loss, though. Thank god you have a wonderful sounding name ❤

    • Murielle Cyr says:

      Thank you, Christoph. You’re right, sometimes a change liberates you from any negative associations with the original name. With my blog, it wasn’t the case, but with a previous name change in my personal life, it certainly was. Be well.

  2. Branding is extremely important. A lesson everyone should learn early rather than later.

  3. huntersjones says:

    I’ve thought about using another pen name when I changed genres, but stayed with Ms. Jones & it worked. Everything on social media is the name, not the books. I believe that assists when I’m being searched for in SEO, too. So yes, branding is important. Great post, Cyr.

  4. Oh dear, Murielle, I’m sorry you’re going to go through a name change. It’s tough enough to get a following on blogs and other social media. Better now then never, I suppose. Good luck!

  5. @ChadSchimke says:

    That’s my strategy too!

  6. I haven’t had to change my name. Do you have a street team? That could be a great a way to keep a part of your old name. As they would be your fans it would be perfect to call the group Muriellerites.

  7. I’m using my maiden name as an author. I’ve always been Susanne Leist and always will be. Susanne Schwartz has been a stranger to me. Names are important. They make you feel different in different ways.

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