New Release: TREE ROADS

Just released another short story, TREE ROADS, on Amazon. I’m undecided whether to post it on Goodreads with all the troll problems they’re experiencing. This is the story of a woman’s determination to uphold justice for all. Her staunch belief in the inherent goodness of man is shaken one day when she decides to help out a stranger on a lonely country road. Her decision proves disastrous for her and her young child. Will her ideology survive her horrific ordeal? Ariana is another person like you and I. What about the  historical Joan of Arcs of our world? Would Joan of Arc’s ideals have persisted if she had  survived the fire?


Let me know what you think? Have a magical day !!

Available at Amazon:


About Murielle Cyr

Writer, organic gardener, soapmaker, listener.
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