New release: CATORI’S WORLDS

It’s been quite a challenge, but finally, my young adult novel, CATORI’S WORLDS, is finally released on Amazon. My biggest hurdle was staying within the confines of Catori’s mind–a fifteen-year old emotionally and verbally bullied by her peers. I needed immediacy for her to be believable, so I decided to use first person present throughout the novel-now that wasn’t an easy task! Writing with that point of view was completely foreign to me. I also stripped the text of all ‘he says’ and ‘she says’ since I found they slowed down the flow of the story. Writing for young adults was a physical as well as a terrific learning experience. They are all so much more energetic and smarter than  I ever was. I had to learn a brand new teen-dialogue as well as try to keep pace with all the advanced knowledge they have at their disposal. It was like participating in  the triathlon–I came in last, but it was so exhilarating.

Did I succeed? Only my readers will tell. Will I try that genre of writing again? Absolutely! I learned so much from my characters that I want to see them through a couple more novels. I can’t let them go yet.

So if you do decide to read it, leave your comments ( A sentence or two will do.) at Amazon and Goodreads.  Happy Easter everyone!!





2 Replies to “New release: CATORI’S WORLDS”

    1. Thank you for your interest, Susanna; I’m certainly happy that my book is being read by students. I was trying to keep it in ebook format to make it more affordable for that age group, but I should be releasing the paperback early in the New Year. Once it’s paperback, I no longer control the pricing. I know some schools have access to technology that allows them to offer class ebooks, which is what I was banking on, but not all do. Thanks you for your encouragement, once the paperback is out I’ll certainly contact you.




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