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I’m thrilled to be included in the ASMSG ELECTORATE BLOG HOP today.  A passionate group of ASMSG (Authors Social Media Support) writers who have been posting great author interviews over the past couple of weeks. If you scroll down to the end of today’s interview you’ll find a list of all the participating writers and their blogs, as well as the link to enter  the Rafflecopter Giveaway.  Each gifted writer is offering a free copy of their book. Click to enter and you might be be the lucky winner!

As part of this blog hop, it is my great pleasure to interview  Melodie Ramone, the grande dame of the ASMSG writing community. She is the house mother of  Electorate (a promotional thread that is part of ASMSG) and is always on standby to offer emotional support to all. Besides taking care of her own immediate family, she finds time to write, take in stray cats in the dead of winter, do volunteer work,  co-author a blog to help writers deal with social media, and always posts the right words to ease the everyday pressure and anxiety of her fellow writers. I’ll be focusing on her romance novel, After Forever Ends, but Melodie has written many other stories and is now working on her next novel.

51wjyqBGpbL._UX250_Hi, Melodie, I am so pleased you agreed to this interview. In one of your Goodreads post you mention that you are ‘obsessed’ with the Science of Physics. This is certainly something I can relate to. Does this passion surface in your book,  After Forever Ends?

It does, but in a very subtle way. Without going too deeply into anything technical, I love the idea of time existing outside of time and the concept of dimensions existing within (and without) dimensions. Having experienced some unexplainable thing in my own life, those things make sense to me. They do peek their heads out in the Fae aspect of the book, as well as when Silvia re-evaluates her concept of “forever.”

 It’s difficult as a writer not to paint our characters with a few traits of our own personality. All your characters are extremely well fleshed out in your book. Is there one character that you can connect with most on an emotional or spiritual level?

In many ways, I’m a lot like Silvia and it’s not just the red hair. There are major differences, of course. I’m like Oliver in the never-take-anything-seriously-if-you-don’t-have-to department. I’m like Alexander with the profound need to separate myself and be alone a lot. There’s a little of me in everybody, but the character I feel most akin to is actually one of the more minor characters, the twins’ mother, Ana. Probably just because we’re about the same age that she is in the book and she’s got that grown up thing going on balanced pretty well with an total adoration of her children and an unquestionable sense of fun.

 Love is described as the “greatest of all magic in the universe” in the story. Can you expand on that?

Well, long ago, I loved a boy and he loved me. Sadly, he died way too young. I thought I was going to die, too, without him, and I mean that in a very physical sense, not in a poetic or romantic way. I walked around with a hole in my heart for years. I found myself in bad relationships, in bad situations, over and over again. And then one day, a wise old man said to me, “He didn’t go that far away, you know? He’s right there,” and pointed to my heart. When he said it, my heart actually jolted with a throbbing ache. That was when I came to the realization of what happens when two souls combine and become so entwined that, in many ways, they’re one, and of how they stay connected even beyond death. Love can’t be quantified or explained. It simply is. And that, for lack of a better term, is magic. I believe in “love magic”, as Oliver calls it in the story, because I’ve experienced it for myself.

Your book is an epic love story. How long did it take to write from beginning to end?

Well, I wrote the first draft in an evening. It was 9 pages. The second draft was 45 and the third was like 200 or something. I sent it to beta readers and all of them said the same thing, “We want MORE!” so I wrote it a couple more times and filled it in. Then I decided I was over-writing, but they still said to do more. Finally, I just decided that the story belonged to Silvia and she needed to tell it her way, in her own words, the way she would tell it if she were actually talking to her granddaughter like she is in the book. So I went for one last pass. Writing the whole thing probably took six months, but it took me two years to publish it.

Is there a sequel to After Forever Ends, or is there another muffin-story in the works?

I’ve been asked many times to write spin offs for After Forever Ends, in particular to write about Ana and Eddie’s story or to choose one of the kids to tell about, but I don’t know that I ever will. I’m not saying I will never, it’s just that AFE was so personal to me, so close to my own life in so many ways, that I’m not sure that going back to it wouldn’t be overkill for me as an author. So, for the time being, I’m leaving it to stand on its own. As for another book, yes, I’m working on one. It’s different that AFE and I don’t know that there will be muffins, per se, but it’s another slice of life tale with characters I adore. I’m having fun writing it, so I hope whomever chooses to read it has fun with it, too.

Short bio:

Melodie Ramone is a wife, mother, fosterer of unwanted pets, speaker, novelist and Certified Kitchen Witch. When she is not in the kitchen whipping up culinary magic, she can usually be found knitting, reading anything she can get her hands on, delving into Particle Physics or writing her stories. Although Melodie’s roots lie in Scotland and Wales, she resides in the United States.

Thank you so much for agreeing  to  this interview, Melodie. Good luck with your new book.






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