Interview with K.R. Morrison

Please welcome the very talented writer, K.R. Morrison, to my blog today.  Kathy has been very supportive of the writing community for many years on Facebook and on her writing blogs. We will focus onpart 2 her latest novel, Be Not Afraid, which is now available at Amazon.

1.  Kathy, please begin by talking about the research involved in writing your book.

There wasn’t a lot of research necessary.  Much of it was taken from dreams I had at various times in my life.  However, I did do a bit of delving into the history of vampires, and found a lot of fertile soil for the writing of my next book.  Looking into the myths and legends that frighten other cultures gave me a chance to involve other faiths in my story, at least for a brief mention.

2.  Can you describe your ‘writing experience’ while working on your book? I’m referring here to the possible emotional and spiritual connections involved in writing this type of book.

I just finished with the edits done on “Be Not Afraid” only tonight, and I am as frightened of the story now as I was when I wrote it.  You see, the whole thing started from a nightmare; a vampire attack, which I felt with every one of my senses.  And when I woke up, it did not go away.  I lived with this vision for three weeks, all of my waking hours, as it got bigger and more detailed.  Finally, I started writing it down.  Funny thing is, whatever my protagonist was feeling, I was feeling also.  When I was writing about her imprisonment, I was depressed for days.  Then the joy after being rescued was mine as well—as was the frustration and fright that Lydia experiences the rest of the book.  The idea of vampires terrifies me even now, and the original nightmare was three years ago.

As to the spiritual connections—how much is me, and how much is inspired, is left to the reader.  Regardless—my belief is that a Higher Power created us, and loves us, and does not want any of us to be lost.  Doesn’t matter the name that is given this power—if it follows the laws of love, it is true and good. I am Catholic, and God is a name I use.  I’d like all to be one with the Christian belief, but even Christians can’t all agree.  God will do all He can to save us; however, He will not impose Himself on anyone.  This relationship has to be based on love—not just from God to us, but from us, His people, to Him.

I don’t understand how anyone can picture God as holding us over Hellfire, threatening to drop us in.  In reality, He cups us in His hand.  It is we who foolishly creep to the edge to look down into the flames.

In short, yeah, there’s a lot of spiritual stuff going on.

3.  Several genres can be used to describe your book. Which one are you most comfortable with? Do you plan to continue writing in this genre?

I call it “paranormal suspense/horror with a generous helping of Christian inspiration”.  I have two other books completed in this series, and am working on the fourth and last.  After that, I will probably switch to something entirely different.

4. Can you give us some details concerning previous publications of yours as well as writing projects coming up?

“Be Not Afraid” actually came out a couple of years ago, and now I am with a new publisher, Mountain Springs House.  I have edited several books, and was given the honor of being a co-author of “Jesus Paid It All”, originally written by Ruthie Madison.  I’m still occasionally working on “Enoch’s Return”.

5.  Please describe what a typical writing day is for you?

“Day”?  Try “hour”.  If that.  I have a lot of things going on nowadays…a full-time job, keeping up the house, editing, book reviews, expanding my public scope on the computer…I do try to write when there isn’t anyone else in the house.  That doesn’t always happen.  Fortunately, my husband knows that, if I have my nose buried in my white binder, I should be left alone.

With the first book, I was compelled to write.  At the time, I didn’t have a full-time job, and it was easier to just sit and write.  Now, not so much.  I think about it a lot, though.

Thank you so much for dropping by to talk about your book, Kathy. Good luck with the launch.




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