CATORI’S WORLDS, my newest YA novel should be coming out sometime after the New Year. Of course it’s still in progress and I’d love you to read the first section and let me what you think. I’ve posted a synopsis and the first chapter below. Hope to read from you.



Catori’s mismatched eyes and her ability to see things nobody else does make her an oddball at school. When she finds herself transported to a strange parallel world on her way to school one morning, the only thing she wants to do is get back home to her blue blanket. The bus she boarded doesn’t do return trips and she has to figure out her own way back. She discovers that the Dark Forces over-running this parallel world are tracking her down and have no intention of letting her go home alive.

Trusting strangers doesn’t come easy to her, but her only hope is to follow Miren, a girl she encounters in the restrooms, to the woods to hide from her hunters. There she meets up with Otsoa, the only boy who has ever made her feel like she was worthy of love. The Dark Forces have zeroed in on them and Catori must fight for her life. What chance does a fourteen-year-old girl have to confront the powerful forces of evil? Does she bow to their evil scheme of taking over the planet or does she fight them to her last breath?


I take a deep breath to ease the knot in my belly before stepping off the city bus. They’re there again: two humanoid shapes, one way taller than the other, standing at the same spot about twenty feet away from the bus stop. I squint hard trying to penetrate the silvery aura surrounding them. No facial feature is visible, yet my gut tells me they’re staring right at me. What if they can read my thoughts? But what if they’re there just because I give them space in my mind? If I blank out all thoughts about them maybe they’ll pop out of my view.

I brace myself just in time to avoid colliding with Tyler who has hopped off the bus in front of me. I bite down hard on my lip, suppressing the urge to grab his arm and point. Can’t risk making that same mistake again, not unless I want to be the school’s number one laughing stock.

It was two days ago that he got off the bus with me in this same restaurant parking. Those same shapes were there.

“Hey, Tyler. Check them out,” I grabbed the sleeve of his leather jacket and pointed. “Don’t they give you the creeps?”

He paused a moment to check out where I was pointing to and turned towards me. “What you talking about?That pothole is creeping you out? Are you on something?”

“Right there in the middle of the parking. They’re staring right at us.”

“Help me out, Catori. I see the same old pothole that’s been there since we started taking this bus four years ago.”

“Come on, Tyler. If I can see them, so can you. There’s two ghost-like shapes  over there staring right at us.”

He sighed and swung his backpack over his shoulder. “Listen, I’ve got this C on my English test to explain to my old man. I’m in no mood for your dramatics.”

“Looks who talking about dramatics? Worried about a freaking C. If you weren’t such a nerd, your old man would be happy with that.” I waved my hand towards the shapes. “This is big, Tyler. They’ve been there for the last two weeks.”

“Sure they have, Grass-Eye,” he shrugged, and sauntered like an arrogant old crow across the parking lot towards his house.

“You’re a freaking A-hole, Tyler Lemond.”

He didn’t even turn around. Never gave me a chance to explain anything. C on his English test- big freaking deal. Wish my mark was that good. Felt like running after him and kicking his short ass across the parking lot. He knows being called Grass-eye pisses me off. Lucky he turned around before I had time to react or else he’d be bent over trying to protect his sorry balls from another swift kick.

Didn’t take him long to blab to everyone at school. Yesterday in history class everyone stared at me like I was some kind of road kill. When Tyler passed by in the hallway later with his moron friends, a couple of them started chanting Cat- Cat-Caloon-a-tic. Where does he come off talking about me to those pervs? They’re all brain dead. Tyler changes the colour of his boxers and they rush to Walmart to buy the exact pair. They poke fun at anybody that don’t look, dress and smell like they do.

Tyler and I go way back since grade school. We don’t hang out at school much-can’t stand his moron friends and he says mine are losers.  Anyways, he’s such a short ass, we’d look like Mutt and Jeff strolling down the hall. We were kind of close before high school but then we took off in different directions. I’m in cross-country and basketball and he rocks in soccer big time. Beats me why girls think he’s the best thing after Brad Pitt. Sometimes we hang out on weekends when neither of us have anything better to do. He’s always been OK with me, but right now I’d like all the birds in the sky to dump on his head. He isn’t any different than all the rest of the jerks in my class. School sucks big time and I hate everything about this stupid world.

Why can’t anybody else see those creepy shapes? They’ve stood there at the same spot every day for the last two weeks, watching my every move. Nobody seems to notice those things but me. Tyler’s usually OK to talk to about things, but if the A-Hole doesn’t believe me, nobody will.

I drag my feet forward alongside the bus, my fists shoved in both pockets of my jacket, my elbows stuck to my side like when I forget to smear deodorant on. Just ignore them. Blank them out. These shapes are far worse than those black streaks that dart in front of my eyes sometimes. At least the streaks appear for a split second and then vanish. Only eyestrain, Mom says, but Nukumi says it’s a gift, a person with one green eye can see things other people can’t.

Wish I could pop that ugly green eye out and stick in a brown one instead. Maybe then people would stop calling me Grass-Eye. Thanks to Tyler, I’ve now graduated to Caloon-a-tic.  Even the optometrist says I have perfect vision and don’t need glasses. He’s just as dumb as everyone else. How can I have perfect vision when I see things through two different colors?

My runners make a scraping sound on the cement sidewalk a ways, and I come to a full stop, swerve, and march straight towards the silvery shapes. I’m fed up with this. Those creepy things are going to get out of my face and leave me alone. I know no one would believe me, but I can feel them staring at me even when my back is turned. I might not be able to do much, but at least I’ll get a good look at them. They wouldn’t dare try anything funny with that line-up of people back there waiting for the next bus.

After several long strides into the middle of the parking lot I slow down. Something’s not right. I’m not getting any closer to them. The distance between me and the silvery shapes stays the same while the people waiting at the bus line-up are getting further away. I speed up. Not an inch closer. I stop dead in my tracks. My knees feel like jelly and my stomach is tight as steel. I pivot back towards the sidewalk pushing my legs forward. Maybe Tyler’s right. Maybe I’m a freaking lunatic like everybody thinks. I bolt down the two blocks on River Road, turn left on Oak Street until I reach my town house. It might not be big and classy like some of the other homes in the neighbourhood, but I know it’s real and I know for sure Mom will be there. I jab my key into the lock and shove the door open.


4 Replies to “New release:CATORI’S WORLDS”

  1. Dear Sister,
    I can hardly wait for the rest of the story. I’m already intrigued! I’d better hurry up and finish the translation of Culloo cause this one will be a challenge.


    Envoyé de mon iPad


    1. Yes, it’s great to meet up with familiar faces. Thanks for dropping by and the best to you with your writing projects. Be well.

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