Au revoir to a friend

Today was a day of great sadness for my family. We had to take the heart wrenching decision to let Fidel, our faithful Sheepdog, depart to another world. It was her time and we had to come to terms with her reality. Her spirit will always be with us. Hopefully her new world will have lots of dog treats and plenty of cats to chase.

The day also brought joy. Last week I participated in Zoe Brooks’Magic Realism Blog Hop. There was mention of a giveway from certain authors but I didn’t focus on that aspect since I never win anything. The actual participation was rewarding enough for me. Magic Realism has always been my preferred genre and just immersing myself in all those great blogs was a fantastic gift. It came as a great surprise to open my emails this afternoon; I had actually won the giveaways: a collection of magic realism books AND a Franz Kafka  bookmark. What else can I ask from the cosmos?

So those that believe that the universe is always ready to care for our needs, today is certainly the proof for me. My heart was broken today and it will be for a while, but the universe has sent me joy to help cement the pieces back together.


My friend Fidel

Good rest my friend Fidel. You will reside in the silence that greets us when we come home. You were such a great barker and guardian.

Heartfelt thanks to Zoe Brooks and all the wonderful and generous participants in her magic realist blog hop. I will so enjoy those books.

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2 Responses to Au revoir to a friend

  1. GG says:

    What a lovely dog. It’s so heartbreaking to lose a pet, isn’t it? I watched sheepdog trials once and the handlers had to keep the dogs separate from other pooches, people, basically anything that moved on two or four legs – the sheepdogs were intent on herding anything and everything that came in view. Happy cat herding, Fidel.

    • muriellerites says:

      Thank you for your kind comments. Fidel certainly was a determined herder. I enjoyed your quotes about animals on your blog. Pets have the power to pull at the strings of your heart and don’t let go–even when they leave us. Namasté.

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