Serendipity – Down the Rabbit Hole by Rebecca Davies

My contribution to Zoe Brooks’ Magic Realism Blog Hop… this article sums up some of my thoughts on the fine-line between magic realism and children’s literature. Children  have a natural third eye always open to anything magical. What is considered absurd by us is simply ordinary to them.  A  thought-provoking article.

Serendipity – Down the Rabbit Hole by Rebecca Davies.

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16 Responses to Serendipity – Down the Rabbit Hole by Rebecca Davies

  1. edgarrider says:

    This is a great article on magical realism. As far as talking animals it is interesting how you talk about magical realism as similar to the personification. Those of us who have animals in real life wonder if they could talk where would they be from. Could they be from another country with a Romanian accent. Finally, A child’s imagination is very important in shaping their world.
    Just wanted to say excellent article.

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Terrific article! And I find edgarrider’s comment interesting, too. I never think about what accent my cat has – I just wish I understood what she’s saying.

    • muriellerites says:

      That’s precisely what magic realism does–it opens your eyes to other ways of thinking. Of course your cat or dog can have an accent!

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  9. Super article, and the best definition of the magic-realism that I’ve come across so far!

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