Squashed Hopes

I had great hopes for those squash seedlings I planted in huge pots in the spring. Their huge leaves soon hid the top of the pots and big yellow flowers blossomed into beautiful bouquets. I noticed a fading of the green leaves soon after– maybe the roots were cramped, although there seemed to be enough soil in the pots. I’m wondering if the flowers will eventually produce fruit.

butternut squash in pot

butternut squash in pot 

squash in pots
squash in pots 

squash in garden
squash in garden

I had a lot of problems with those  nasty potato bugs  last season. This time I surrounded the plants with tall smiley marigolds. Mid-July and no squishy bugs–yet.

potato plants with marigolds

potato plants with marigolds

Th garlics looks healthy and happy. I planted them too close together last fall (it was cold that day) and I wasn’t able to work the soil around them. Hope it doesn’t affect the harvest. To be continued..




About Murielle Cyr

Writer, organic gardener, soapmaker, listener.
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4 Responses to Squashed Hopes

  1. Sorry to here but I am sure the rest of your garden will survive. I look forward to following your blog. Allie

  2. sued51 says:

    i did some spaghetti squash in pots…and I got a couple out of it…it CAN work…

    • muriellerites says:

      I noticed some little ones have started in each pots (6) but some of the leaves are yellowing and I discovered little black bugs on some stems. My garden squash plants are gigantic and the fruit are getting big. I’ll have to stop comparing, each of them are doing their best.

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