A Girl’s Ten Green Outside Friends

In one of my last posts I mentioned some of my interior green-feminine friends. I will continue with the hardy ones that can withstand the harsh Quebec winters and still manage to bounce back smiling and beautiful. There are so many feminine plants thriving in my garden, but in the name of brevity, I’ll limit myself to the ten common ones.

All of these plants  here are ruled by the planet Venus and are usually associated with the powers of love, lust, health and protection.

Drink a strong tea brewed with the flowers of the red hibiscus to awaken your desires for lust.

Place a single rose in a vase on your kitchen table to honour your emotions of love.

Try placing a daisy under your pillow and maybe a lost lover will come back.

Foxglove grown in your garden will protect your home from harm.



Plant geraniums in your garden and snakes will stay away.

The bleeding heart is a true flower of love, take it apart and you’ll find another heart within.



Carry a piece of iris versicolor root in your purse and money will come your way.

Rub your hands with the columbine flower to give yourself courage.

The lovely aster is another flower that will make love happen.



Catnip will perk you cat up, but brewing a cup will calm your nerves.







So surround yourself with these beauties and love will surely come and visit. Allow a few masculine plants like the dandelion to mingle and party with your green friends and your garden will be healthier.

About Murielle Cyr

Writer, organic gardener, soapmaker, listener.
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