A Girl’s Ten Best Green Friends




My yard is still covered with snow but spring brings that green urge in me.  I’m obsessive about checking my new seedlings that are doing their best to grow in their little pots by the window. If I checked on them less often, maybe I would see more progress.

I’ve decided to focus on my inside friends for now and honor their loyalty. Most of them are female, although I do keep quite a few male ones to balance things out. Ancient herbalists and apothecaries believed that all plants have feminine or masculine energies. The feminine ones give out gentle vibrations and are connected to love, peace and spirituality. Masculine plants emit a tougher energy and are associated with courage, guidance and purification.

Here are some feminine interior plants that could benefit you and your family.


– The purple flowers on the African violet promote spirituality so I keep her in a quiet corner where I try to listen to the silence around me.

– The Cyclamen has her place near the window in my bedroom to protect me while I sleep.

–  Besides being a powerful medicinal plant, the Aloe also brings good luck.

– The Gardenia has healing powers so it’s nice to have her around on those sick days.

– The flowers of the Orchid and the Jasmine plants are associated with mystical love. That might come in handy if nothing else is available.

Passion Flowers placed in your house will help solve problems and invite tranquility.

– The Honesty plant attracts money, so place a few seedpods in your wallet.

– The Ivy plants all have protective and healing properties.

– That Spider plant will filter the air in your house and give you more energy.


My next post will be about the feminine plants you could surround yourself with in your garden.



About Murielle Cyr

Writer, organic gardener, soapmaker, listener.
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14 Responses to A Girl’s Ten Best Green Friends

  1. djdfr says:

    I keep checking my seedlings also,and encouraging them.


    Love your wit and wisdom! Love, G

    Ginette Poirier g.poirier2@live.com 450-928-7241 514-212-6079

    Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2013 22:15:51 +0000 To: g.poirier2@live.com

  3. I have nominated you for the sunshine award. Visit http://marymeddlemore1.wordpress.com/ for details – Mary Meddlemore

  4. Harbans says:

    Really incredible. Thanks liking my poem. God may bless you.

  5. dcardiff says:

    My mother always had African violets. They did seem very peaceful and spiritual. I’ve always loved Cyclamen, but didn’t know they offered protection. I believe that all of nature has something to teach us, if we are willing to listen.


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