Head twisted backwards




this latest


shoving bones

blood paths

any anything sticky


keeping them as landmarks

in case.

McRites Press                                                        Copyright 2013  Murielle Cyr


About Murielle Cyr

Writer, organic gardener, soapmaker, listener.
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8 Responses to SALVAGE

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  2. I truly admire poets who have mastered concision. Beautiful work!

  3. I nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. If you accept, you can pick it up here:

    • murielle cyr says:

      Thank you for thinking of me, I feel very honoured. My schedule won’t allow me the extra time required to give this the proper attention right now, but I do appreciate your kind thoughts. Be well.

  4. harbans Khahuria says:

    Beautifully woven web of words.

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