Inside Historical Fiction with Greg Taylor winner of the M.M. Bennett’s award | A Writer of History

Source: Inside Historical Fiction with Greg Taylor winner of the M.M. Bennett’s award | A Writer of History

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Review: CULLOO by Murielle Cyr — What Is That Book About

Just discovered this  review while browsing for middle-grade genres. I’m a bit late to see this since it appeared quite a while ago. Made me think that bits of us continue to exist beyond our mundane existence. We think by stepping out of a situation that it will cease to exist, but does it, or does the foot print we left behind take on its own life? That’s how Google has transformed our lives, our foot prints no longer disappear with the tide.


Source: Review: CULLOO by Murielle Cyr — What Is That Book About

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It’s been a while… but I’ve been busy writing, reading ( second nature to me), and working on my  historical fiction blog–besides gardening, camping and making batches of soap. I certainly don’t want to lose precious readers like you. Come and visit me at my new blog. It’s mostly reviews for now, but I plan to do interviews, and anything to do with historical fiction — my pet reading genre.

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My son steps into my office on his way to the fridge—his favourite electrical appliance—and looks at me slouched, as always, in front of my computer. It’s where he usually finds me before he leaves for work in the morning, or when he stumbles home late at night, unless, of course, I’m tangled tightly in the arms of a good book. I feel him hesitate beside me and I look up. He’s staring at the jumble of words on the screen lassoed between groups of periods and commas. His words aren’t posted for the whole world to see like mine are, but lurk in the dark corridors and crevasses within him, waiting for the right moment to break out and be heard.

I turn in my seat and brace myself for what’s troubling him. It’s not his fault his mother decided to become a writer—although I’m not sure it was a conscious decision on my part—maybe it was a done deal before I was even born. But I sure had a say at being his mother, and I’ve done my best to do good by that.

He shrugs and cocks his head towards the screen in front of me. “Why do you do it, Mom?” Why indeed. Why don’t I spend my retirement years watching my favourite shows, reading books, golfing, going on cruises to warmer countries, even knitting scarves for the homeless? He knows it’s not for the money; we all had a good laugh when I received my first $0.25 royalty check from Amazon.

He’s left me speechless. I wasn’t expecting to put a label to it. Maybe he’s questioning his own reason for things and wants me to show him how. Thing is, I don’t have an answer, and after a short pause, he turns to leave. “Sorry for bothering you, Mom.”

It’s only after I hear his bedroom door close that it comes to me. I do it to give back and share all the joy and soul-searching that reading has given me all my life. Some books have turned my head right around, others have made me cry, and some have showed me the way. I write, not for fame and glory, but to maybe give someone the necessary will to go on—be it a child being bullied or abused, or even a homeless person finding a life-changing book in a garbage bin—and to help them see how important their link is in that tight chain we call humankind.

Excitement overload !!


Excitement overload !! Two of my books: CULLOO, a novella for young teens and,  CATORI’S WORLDS, a young adult science fiction novel, are in the finals as TOP INDIE BOOKS FOR 2014 !!! CULLOO is in the OTHERS category, while CATORI’S WORLDS is among the PARANORMAL contenders. PLEASE vote, and ask your friends to vote too. Participating in the voting allows you to be eligible to win 10 free books, so you can’t lose!

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CULLOO now in paperback.

The road has been long and winding, but at long last my pre-teen novella, Culloo, has now been released in paperback format by Pemmican Publications. It’s a brand new cover, but the spirit of the story has remained intact.

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Tala can’t wait to be thirteen; then no one better tell her what to do. Her nosey neighbor is always checking up on her, and now the Welfare Officer is knocking on her door again and her father isn’t home to answer. Tala only has a few hours to find her missing father before she and her brother, Dason, get placed in a foster home.

Her quest brings them to secluded woods where they discover that a group of bear poachers are responsible for their father’s disappearance. Can they survive the night alone in woods alive with hungry bears and angry hunters? Will she be able to find her father before the hunters do?

Her adventures bring her in contact with the legendary woodland characters: the pipe-smoking frog-like people and the giant ferocious black bird. These characters are a vivid part of her Mi’Kmaq ancestry, told and retold from one generation to another. They’ve always existed happily for her in stories, but now, faced with a real-life crisis, they’ve become surreal and grotesque? She must learn to trust the wisdom of her ancestors if she wants to succeed in her quest to reunite her family.


Available at Pemmican Publications


New Release: TREE ROADS

Just released another short story, TREE ROADS, on Amazon. I’m undecided whether to post it on Goodreads with all the troll problems they’re experiencing. This is the story of a woman’s determination to uphold justice for all. Her staunch belief in the inherent goodness of man is shaken one day when she decides to help out a stranger on a lonely country road. Her decision proves disastrous for her and her young child. Will her ideology survive her horrific ordeal? Ariana is another person like you and I. What about the  historical Joan of Arcs of our world? Would Joan of Arc’s ideals have persisted if she had  survived the fire?


Let me know what you think? Have a magical day !!

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